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  1. Dear @Greg Voros, I posted a topic on a cracked bridge yesterday. In the event that it requires replacing, do I need to take a night class in physics? Or should the new one pretty much line up? The patient is an electro-acousic. Does replacement bridges need extra attention like routing the slot, etc. Due to my need for instant gratification, I've put CA in the cracks (by the slot ends). I'll know by tomorrow if that does the trick.
  2. So I started the expensive gathering of guitar tools for my DIY repair, setups, etc. The patient in the office is an "older" Alvarez Artist Series AD-60SC NAT. I just finished carving fresh bone blanks for my nut and saddle and discovered that my bridge has two tiny cracks in the rosewood -one on each side of the slot. No wonder the saddle pitches forward under pressure! And the intonation is spot on. Imagine that. And my question is this: will a StewMac, Allparts, et al, replacement bridge fall into place or do I need to take a night class in physics? Digression: Once upon a time,

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