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  1. Is the show on youtube? I can`t find it there! Love, Bernhard P.S. O.k. just read the comments in the chat, we will have to wait then!
  2. Many thanks, guys!! Your input and information is much appreciated. I´ll give it it try! Bernhard
  3. Hi everyone I have a question concerning the bridge pins on an acoustic guitar: do they actually influence the sound? Does it make sense to replace plastic pins for wooden ones? Thank you very much and a big hug from Germany Bernhard
  4. Hi folks, Steve and guitar family, first of all congratulations to this brandnew fantastic discussion-board!! Great stuff!! Being a professional violinist (classical though) and amateur guitarplayer, just starting out on a A Shape Mandoline I really, really enjoyed this show!! That was the one for me!! I loved to learn about Davids style which I am completely unable to do! I also loved your stated attitudes to practicing and making music!! Wonderful!! Just one thing puzzled me a bit when it came to how the fiddle is tuned: standard tuning is from bottom to top G D A E , so we´re talking about perfect fifths, not fourth´s as you mentioned around min. 16 Many thanks again for your efforts , Steve, to spread the art of playing the guitar. I learn so much from your shows and connected sites!! With love from Germany Bernhard

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