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  1. Hello Steve, It is a little off topic for tonight, but I'm working on an arrangement of "You are the Sunshine of my life" from the Real Book. I can't get it to work on the 6th line where it goes Amaj7, B-7, E7, A-, A-maj7, A-7. It doesn't sound right. Could you help? Thanks Patrick
  2. Hi Greg, you talked a little bit about locking tuners on the last live lesson. How many turns do you recommend on locking tuners? The type that have a screw on the back of the headstock? Same amount, 2 1/2- 3 turns? Cause I see some manufacturers they have hardly half a turn thanks Pat
  3. Thanks Bryan, Yes I know him, pretty amazing indeed. I will investigate... Pat
  4. Hello fellow guitarists, I just learned Fields of Gold by Sting arr. by Pete Huttliger. It is in DADGAD and that is the only piece I can play in that tuning. Any suggestions on other pieces I could learn? Thanks Pat
  5. Thanks V7#5b9. Looks like a great site and I've seen this man on Youtube not long ago. I will definitely consider that at one point.
  6. Yes I have the Jamey Aebersold Vol1 which Steve recommended. I might go back to it. Thanks for the other comments guys. I've been trying to think outside of the Pentatonics (which I played all my life in rock and blues). Maybe learning a few Jazz Licks might help breaking the ice. Neil, for the Multiac, I suggest the model "slim". The neck is not a chunky classical, more like hybrid between a classical and steel string. Very nice to play live indeed. I use it often for the Open Mics.
  7. Thanks everyone for reaching out. Yes Neil, I've done the Learn and Master course and all the Workouts that Steve have put up in the last few years. I started the Fingerstyle course, but put that away for now to explore Jazz. And for now, it really changed my playing and expanded my knowledge of chords and stuff. I also play Open Mics once in a while some fingerstyle playing without singing I've been working lately with courses put up by Marc André Séguin on JAZZGUITARLESSONS.net Great stuff!! I highly recommend. I guess it will come with hard work and time. My goal this year was to be able to sit down with a guitar, play fingerstyle songs without sheet music for an hour in front of people. I'm good for 45 mins (not bad). So I guess, I'm going to have to work harder on improv. Neil, my Godin are the LGX, Seagull Artist, Multiac, Radiator and a Belmont with Bigsby. And I now have a Boucher (and oh, they are nice) Thanks guys Pat
  8. Hi eveyone, I need tips, advice or encouragement. I'm stuck in one place of my learning and it is very frustrating. After the great Jazz chords Workout by Steve, I've been exploring jazz a little more. In a fingerstyle way, Bossa Nova and recently Jazz Standards. But I just can't get my head around on playing over them (improvise). I'm trying to learn the scales\arpeggios of the songs and I get confused after few bars. And then I go listen on spotify a version of the song, and there is a solo (piano or whatever) and it sounds simple, but beautiful. Why can't my fingers just do that? Patrick

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