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  1. Getting pretty comfortable with doing 3rds and 6ths but with 10ths I find it somewhat awkward to use the index on the root note and ring/pinkie as I believe Steve does in the video. For the 5th string I find that using my 2nd finger on the root and pinkie on the 10th is more comfortable (on the root note). Then when the interval is one fret shorter I find it easiest to use the same two fingers (2nd and pinkie) but just have them 1 fret apart rather than 2. I've been using this for example in Blackbird chorus as it feels a lot easier. Is this bad form or does it largely not matter?
  2. Hey Steve, thank you very much for the encouraging words and the great courses! I'll keep at it, starting to tick off exercises at 88bpm now.
  3. Been doing fingerstyle course for a few months and I'm finding progress somewhat slow in terms of getting some of the patterns up to the reccommended 88bpm. In particular the bar ones I find tricky (can do the chords fairly well but hand gets tired quite quickly). I do only practice around 20-30 mins 5 times a week so maybe this is not quite enough but not sure. How long do people tend to take in the sections? session 1 took a good month+ for me. FYI I've worked up to around sesh 16 in l&m guitar. Thanks
  4. As title says, when I was doing the fingerstyle chapter I sort of learnt playing with flesh without realising. I use an electric guitar mind you so I don't exactly struggle with volume, though I do realise that using the whole part nail part flesh gives a brighter sound. I am finding it sort of do-able to learn to use the corner of my thumb (where skin meets nail) but would find it very tricky to learn with the fingers. Would it matter much if I were to stick to using flesh?
  5. Anyone else finding this session a bit frustrating? Every exercise has chord forms I've never seen and so they take a long while to get down. I wanted to go through all the exercises and play at a decent pace before moving on but I'm thinking that would take ages (and I'd probably just forget all the chords eventually like I sort of have with session 15). For reference I'm mainly talking the bonus exercises, like the chord melodys
  6. Just thought I'd update as working on the 3 note on a string scales for a month or so. Really started to get the forms under my fingers, starting to learn the hammer on and pull off way now. Know the neck pretty well now but note recognition still not instant. Did anyone else find learning hammer and pull off to be very slow? I admit they don't feel as natural, and I really struggle to get volume on the third hammer on if I'm going slow (~60bpm eighth notes). I guess I just need to keep at it!
  7. Thanks for the insight, that does make sense. I am curious though as Steve seems to say in the videos that if I go through these 3 note on a string exercises and say the notes then I'll eventually know all the notes on the board. Do you know of anyone using this method and succeeding? At the moment I'm going through the 1st , 2nd and 3rd forms for each of the 12 keys, will try this for a week or two and see how far I get!
  8. Thanks for the advice chaps. Another thing I've been wondering is a bit of skepticism to how going through these scales will make me memorise all the notes. Maybe I'm not putting enough time in into yet but not sure. For example I've made a start by taking the 1st 3 note on a string form and have gone through all major scales with it (playing through and saying notes, twice each). But by the end of this I don't feel like I know the notes any better, if I pick some random somewhere in the middle I still don't have a clue and have to use reference points like 1st position or the 12th fret. Will I really eventually learn them all by using this kind of method? Only one way to find out of course, but I'm curious how the learning process went for others, when did you start seeing progress?
  9. Hey, so I've just got onto this session and I'm determined to do as Steve says and learn to go through all the 3 note scales in the keys to hopefully learn the entire fret. I'll be honest to say when he prescribed the same thing for pentatonic scales I did quite do the lot, managed to learn the notes in each scales pentatonic but I didn't get any closer to learning all the notes at that point. Just wondering whether I should go back to the pentatonic scales and learn them fully all over the guitar or if I should just do the 3 note scales properly. Cheers!
  10. Thanks for the reply. I'm keeping the arpeggio's and little skill stuff from S14 in my warmup so I'll hopefully refine them. So you think at this stage I should be able to read the sheet music and play at any position? I did try as Steve suggests with the pentatonic scales to learn every note across the whole guitar but I was finding it so laborious to go through all 13 keys and wasn't retaining any of the notes in my head. I probably sound very lazy but can't decide if it is worth the hassle or my time is better spent refining other techniques.
  11. Hey, just onto session 15 now (been going about 2 years, pretty slow I know). TLDR: With exercises like the chicken pickin and power chords if I should be able to read the sheet music? My single note reading is decent in the first position but I am very very slow with the rest and it seems a bit too challenging to do it here and I'm not sure it is worthwhile. I can name the note fairly quickly (still working on flash cards to be instantaneous) but finding it on the guitar takes a second or two. I added a little exercise where I use flash cards to identify a note then find it on every string - is this an okay idea? Advice would be great!

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