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  1. Thank you for the advice. I actually found a local print shop that claims that they can do things that their competitors cannot so I called them up and they said they could do the job. The only issue is that the spiral was 11 inches long and the edge it needs to bind is 12 inches. Does that look like a problem? It doesn't to me! Very happy with this $5.84 purchase!
  2. Thanks for the reply @matonanjin. That's pretty much what I'm doing now since the Office Max "Live Chat" guy assured me that my local store would easily be able to bind a book of this size, which then led me to carefully peel off the spine and cut the cover to the correct size. When I arrived at my local store the fellow behind the counter at the print shop told me essentially no dice and that their online chat help is awful! I'm beginning to agree. Now I have the individual pages and I backed the whole book to pdf so I can print and spiral bind my own copy but the notation is somewhat smaller. It's doable but I'd prefer to use the full size book.
  3. Hello! I've tried searching for this using the search feature with no luck so being new to this forum I hope I'm not doing something wrong. I've had my Learn and Master Guitar Lesson Book and Bonus Resources book spiral bound no problem because they consist of 8.5" x 11" sheets and fit into the machines at Staples, Office Max and Fed Ex Office with no issues. The Song Hits lesson book, however, is 9" x 12" and won't fit into the machines at those locations, at least in my area. I'd love to be able to lay this flat on a music stand like I do with the other lesson books. Has anyone here had any experience in this area? Thank you!

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