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Prosaic riffs in free time

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Ninth Anniversary

His house was hidden from the street. I drove past and into the apartment complex where my GPS seemed to be pointing me. My young guitar tutor of six years moved here in East Asheville last year. When I started fingerstyle lessons with him, he was a college sophomore. Jonathan was already a gifted musician and teacher, and our age difference led our conversations into delightful side trips about the sixties and seventies. He graduated and remained in Delaware for a few years to sort out his


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Eighth Anniversary

Carrier Wave When all is still I hear your voice No words no cry A brilliant chill If this be death It disappoints No fear no pain A quiet breath I ask again Who pleads so clear For my reply A cold refrain No spirit calls In words of man These sounds are wrought Where music falls What grace this brings Flows through my hands While echoes fade As silence sings — D. B.


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Riffing with Otis

Let’s take a break, Otis. I’m getting older.   Yeah? What else makes you so special? Ha, ha, ha. No, I'm just feeling it lately.   Huh. What happened? Did a mirror catch you? There’s that, too. Like Bonnie said, "Those lines are pretty hard to take when they're staring back at you."   Be glad someone's looking back in the mirror. And I feel… small.   You're six feet tall. Do I have to listen to this? Come on. How long have you been my imaginary bass player


DianeB in Diane's Blog Series 2

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Guitar Gathering is a community of guitar lovers of all types and skill levels.  This is a place of learning, support and encouragement.  We are unapologetically positive.

If you've come here to gripe, demean others or talk politics then this isn't the place for you.

But if you've come to talk guitars, ask questions and learn from professionals and guitar learners from all over the world then come on in!

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