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Learn & Master Overview & YouTube Videos

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The session-specific Roadside Assistance videos, and dozens more by Steve, are available on YouTube here.

Many people are now discovering our community through Live Lessons and the summer conferences, instead of the Learn & Master DVD course. For their benefit, and because the new forum is not — at least at the outset — organized by course session, reprinted here is Steve’s outline (originally posted in 2009):

Here is the basic overview of the course by topic and what I am trying to get you to learn...

The Basics and Finger Exercises – Session 1 
The Big Idea: To get your fingers used to playing the guitar and finding the right places on the fretboard. Also to toughen the fingers up for the road ahead.

Learning to Read Music and Learning the Notes in the First Position – Sessions 2-4
The Big Idea: Being able to read a simple melody and be able to play it on guitar in the first position.

Learning Basic Open Chords – Sessions 5-6
The Big Idea: Being able to form and play basic open chords in the first position using basic eighth note strumming.

Learning Barre Chords, Major Scales, and Keys – Sessions 7-8
Two Big Ideas: 1) Overcoming the physical challenges and being able to play 6th and 5th string based barre chords. 2) Understand major scales and keys.

Strumming and Intervals – Session 9
Two Big Ideas: 1) Gain familiarity with basic strumming patterns using ties. 2) Be able to identify intervals correctly.

Fingerstyle Guitar – Session 10
The Big Idea: Overcoming the physical challenges of basic Fingerstyle technique.

Pentatonic Scales – Session 11
The Big Idea: Learn how pentatonic scales function and how to play them on guitar.

Advanced Chords – Session 12
The Big Idea: Expanding your chord form repertoire and using chord substitutions.

Blues Scales and Triads – Session 13
Two Big Ideas: 1) Playing blues scale forms. Introducing improvising and soloing. 2) Spelling triads from memory.

Various Technique Issues and Basic Chord Harmony – Sessions 14-15
Two Big Ideas: 1) Gain a basic understanding and familiarity with several guitar playing techniques. 2) Basic understanding on how chords work together.

Advanced Strumming – Sessions 16
The Big Idea: Overcoming the physical challenges and gaining familiarity with 16th note based strumming. 

3 Note on a String Scales and Seventh Chords – Session 17
Two Big Ideas: 1) Learning the guitar neck by playing and using 3 note on string scales. 2) Spelling seventh chords from memory.

Jazz Chords and Harmony – Session 18
Two Big Ideas: 1) Expanding chord repertoire with more forms. 2) Chord alteration and harmony.

Soloing Concepts – Session 19
The Big Idea: Using your ear to foster creativity when soloing.

Chords, Abbreviations, and Inversions – Session 20
The Big Idea: Learning remaining important chord forms.

I hope this helps clarify some things for you. Keep Learning and Growing! — Steve Krenz

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