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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY APRIL 16TH - CLASSICAL GUITAR WITH THE BELMONT GUITAR ENSEMBLE. Some of the brightest young Classical guitarists in the nation playing their current concert repertoire. Always an inspiring time. TUESDAY APRIL 23RD - ROCK LEGEND RICK DERRINGER. Grammy winning guitarist and producer, Rick Derringer (The McCoys, Edgar and Johnny Winter, Steely Dan, Weird Al Yankovic, KISS, Alice Cooper, Meatloaf) stops by to talk about his legendary career from his early days in the 60s singing "Hang On Sloopy", the 70s with "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo" to the 80s classics "Making Love Out of Nothing at All" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!

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  2. Have a look on your iPhone/iPad for what looks like an app called 'Extras'. This is actually a kinda folder with a few apps in it, one of them is 'Voice Memos'. Once you open it, it's just a case of pressing the big red button to start recording and pressing it again to stop recording. Ian
  3. If I can offer another piece of advice, rather than record yourself with a device, get an inexpensive looper pedal and practice with it. That will really accelerate improving your timing significantly. Pair that with a metronome, and you'll be "grooving" in no time!
  4. @Blue Dog Time to work on slide guitar until you heal. Too bad Rick didn't show us his slide technique since his finger was cut.
  5. That might make you miss out on the fun of having your band come in behind you and realizing you started the song way to fast and now you're gonna have to play it that way in front of people!
  6. LAN I do have both both an iPhone and iPad. I have searched the apps on these devices but do not see a Voice Recorder app. I'm tech challenged and must be overlooking something. Both my devices are several years old, could this be the issue?
  7. Hello @gotto, @Eracer_Team-DougH is correct. You can sync up to 5 units to an app so it can do a small band. You can have the app silent and turn off the lights on the Soundbrenner if you wish. I really like it, I am wearing it so that the Soundbrenner is on my sternum so it vibrates through the bone. You need the extra body strap for that, strewn with one arm in and over the head. Soundbrenner did say that it works better on a part of the body that is not moving. The app is available for android and ios and the Soundbrenner can be controlled by most DAWs like Ableton and Logic but not by Garageband because Garageband does not have a midi clock facility. In fact it prompted me to buy myself a "yipee I have finished my cancer treatment" present of Logic Pro X and it works really well with that. There is an app that you download for that and videos on Youtube telling you how to do it. Also their customer support is good as I had trouble getting my android app to work, in the end just needed me to turn on the location feature of my android. For me it is not an instant fix, they do say that in the instruction manual. I am learning to count the beat that I feel and not the beat that I hear.😁
  8. @Wim VD1 Fantastic! I really can't believe how much you've progressed, that really was superb. And, who doesn't like a bit of Quo? For any transatlantic buddies who are not familiar with Status Quo, but like good fun rock and roll, then look them up. They opened Live Aid in '85 with 'Rockin' All Over the World'. Ian
  9. @mark_h It's so good to have you back. That track was superbly played as usual. Ian
  10. Hi @The deuce, I couldn't see in the thread what phone you're using. If you have an iPhone or iPad, then just use the Voice Recorder app that should already be on the device. It is simple and the quality is great. I have posted a recording here which was recorded just on an iPhone with no further processing. My 'next step up' recommendation would be a Zoom H1n handheld recorder (or one of the more expensive ones if you want more features). Very simple and great quality. Ian
  11. I know how he feels . I tore the end of my pinky finger off two weeks ago. i have not picked up a guitar since. Just the thought makes me Cringe. Its getting better but i want try it till its done healing. wish him luck,
  12. Great guy, great guitars, great stories, just too much for one night. You need to get him back to do a series of sessions: Rick Derringer - The Early Years Rick Derringer - Stories You Just Won't Believe Rick Derringer - (I think you get the idea.) 🙂 You did a great job!
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  14. matonanjin


    So @S Bach, how is that Silver Sky working for you now that you've been playing it a few weeks? I'm sure great. I didn't post in the forums but the week before last I was in Chicago. I went to 3 different PRS dealers and played a lot of PRS guitars. Of course the biggest one was Chicago Music Exchange. I fell in love with a Limited Edition Cherry Sunburst Custom 24 there. I almost acted on it when I was there. Fortunately, I came home empty handed. But it is so gorgeous. I'm still thinking!
  15. Those of you that know me, know that I am a PRS Guitars supporter. (Or you can look in my sig) And Santana is in large part why I fell in love with guitar music. But this isn't about that. Carlos makes one complimentary comment about PRS guitars. Maybe Warren Haynes says something nice about PRS amps. There is no selling of equipment in this video. Nor is there any technique lesson here. This is, from the description, " A philosophical conversation about tone and the quest to find your own voice featuring Carlos Santana, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks and Paul Reed Smith. " Warren said something to the effect, "It's about the singers and getting your instrument sound like a singer." One of them said, "If it doesn't give you goosebumps how can you expect it to give the audience goosebumps?". It was 3 of the greatest living guitarists talking casually and candidly about what they strive for when performing or playing. I found it very interesting. I hope you enjoy it.
  16. isn't that the one that you can buy more than one, and group them with the app so everyone in the "band" can be at the same tempo?
  17. Thank you @gotto, it sounds like you are making the most of your retirement.😎
  18. Ditto Fretless. Get well soon. My life is crazy busy lately- a good thing for a retiree, yes-but i will try to help if this project launches again. Let's see if this can spark some creative genius from our forum friends here. Maybe even Mr K? 😃
  19. Just came across this. Very interesting concept. I play with bandmates that are technically good but sometimes have difficulty with "timing issues"-when to come in on the correct beat etc. for solos or fills. Fortunately that is one of my few skills. I am constantly having to steer the "one"and driving the rhythm without a drummer or bass. I am wondering if this device might help them in that regard. Maybe give us a review/update Nutty. Greg
  20. I posted the 7 guitars he had for sale in the chat feed. All I can say is, tell him come back anytime
  21. Hi Steve, you might have to rename that show "Every guitar has a story" LOL. It would be great though to get some performing and playing tips from Rick since he has probably seen it all in his lifetime. You did a good job keeping him focused and talking even if he couldn't play last night. Thanks
  22. Hey gang, We had the live lesson with Rick Derringer last night. What an amazing guy with such Rock and Roll history. There's folks that know Rock history and then there's folks that lived it. From Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, to Eric Clapton, to Weird Al Yankovic, Rick Derringer has been in the middle of that. From the first few minutes of the live lesson I realized that my plans and script for this live lesson were going to be useless. It was one of the few live lessons that I felt pretty out of control. Rick just started talking and rarely came up for air, each story more amazing than the last. I'm sure many of you were wondering why he didn't play. (Here we had one of the greatest living guitarists, who played on countless hits, and I think he played just a handful of chords then entire broadcast.) Well, here's the deal. He recently, injured his hand, and the part of the finger that was still injured was just at the point where the finger contacts the strings. Any of you who have had an injury in just that place on your finger can relate and know exactly the razor-blade like pain on touching the strings that comes with it. I found out about it only about an hour before the show. So, we decided to make the best of it and just talk about the guitars that he was offering for sale at Gruhn's. He was a very kind man on and off camera. I'd love to have him back sometime - and get to hear him play! - Steve
  23. Thank you @Fretless get well soon. Guess what ......l have just bought myself a present..........Logic Pro X. 😎 I just have to learn how to use the advanced features now. 😁 I have a great Udemy course which is helping.
  24. I would, as usual, love to be involved but I have just gone down with flu so if you need anything once my energy returns I'll help out then.
  25. 😎Let's work together to write and record another song. It will be another team effort and anyone at any level is encouraged to join in.🎸 🥁Please volunteer to do the tasks below shown in black. I will try to pick up any tasks that do not get volunteered for (except the rhythm guitar unless it is a really easy and slow chord progressions because of my arthritis😁) and I will help anyone who wants to join in. 🎙 🎶One of the great things about working with others in this way is that we end up with a song that has been crafted by a pool of ideas. The production tasks:  1) Choose a tempo (bpm), time signature (eg 4/4), key (eg. C major) and a song structure (eg. intro, verse, chorus, bridge outro) with bars and chords. 2) Record a drum track. 3) Record a rhythm guitar track. 4) Record a bass guitar track.  5) Write some lyrics and choose a title for the song. 6) Record the vocals. 7) Record a lead guitar track (solos, fills). 😎Mix and master the song, this includes providing intermediate mixes for collaborators who want a specific mix in order to or record their parts. Please note: 🎤 If you can record your track in 24 bit and at 44.1kHz, saving your track as a wave (WAV) file that would be great, if not then even an MP3 will do at the best quality you can. If you do not have any recording software (Apple products have GarageBand included free of charge) you can use Audacity, it is free to download and free to use. Audacity is available for Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac. We have a shared online space for uploading and sharing the audio files, I will send a PM to new contributors. 🎧 P.s. If anyone wants to play rhythm guitar but is worried that the chord structure and tempo may be too difficult for them, then please reply to this thread or send me a private message and we will taylor the chord progressions so that you can play it. I wholeheartedly encourage beginners and anyone who is new to home recording. We need all experience levels in these collaborations. This is exactly how I got started, I learnt a lot from the experienced collaborators and I am still learning with every collaboration!
  26. Hello @Jusca, I have not run any collaborations for a while because of the general lack of volunteers at the time. My main problem is that my arthritis is still limiting me with my chord playing etc. I am happy to advertise another collaboration and see what happens.
  27. Was this the most recent collaboration? I haven't been around often but I did always enjoy the chance to work on these group songs. I would love to do another one if there is still any interest.
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