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Nutty 1

🎸😎Recording Challenge 81 - Power Chords🦾🎯

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Thanks Nutty and Wim. Yes, it is fun learning the parts and recording  and yes it takes hours of time to get things in place and attempt a decent mix .  In the absence of band practices lately, it is a great diversion for me.  I had forgotten much of my recording tactics until recently. That said, my two groups are reuniting with distancing next week, so I am diving back into my set lists to refresh and prepare for them. My recording time may dwindle.

i did this song especially for my kids, but I share all of my recordings with them and my bandmates. Music is meant to be heard, for better or worse.


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On 6/12/2020 at 1:07 PM, Nutty 1 said:

Here is my entry. This was quite a challenge for me as this video has a few things that I have not done in a one take song before. The first is the power chords themselves and the second is playing while standing up. I find I have a tendency to bend my wrist too much when sitting down playing power chords so I did it standing to hopefully protect my arthritic wrist. The other challenge was the palm muting. Any tips to help me improve my technique would be great.

My apologies Mr Addams or Mr Scott for murdering their song "Summer of 69".

I would so love to be able to ROCK!


p.s. my wrist still looks very bent in the video


Great job!  I pretty much only play rock tunes and have a blast.

I see the same challenges in your recording that I regularly face as I struggle to play and sing at the same time, especially if there is a tricky strum pattern or unfamiliar chords.  I noticed that your playing and singing both improve when you get to the open chord section.  For several bars, you don't look at your hands once even through the arpeggiated part.  You are on autopilot through these passages and muscle memory for the cords you have down cold are allowing you to relax and freeing brain power to focus on the vocals. It's the barre powerchord sections where you need to look at your hands to get the grip in the correct fret that overwhelms the brain processing power.  The only thing you need to perfect this performance is focus on the parts that are hard for you and repetitions.  When you can put those barres on autopilot you'll crush this tune.  The feeling when you get a tune down to where its effortless is awesome, and you are well on your way.   Keep up the awesome progress. 

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Thank you @Six String you are right, it does come back to one of the main practice rules, "focus on the parts that you find most difficult " I will focus on the barres and the strum pattern. Thank you for your advice and encouragement. It is heaps of fun playing rock songs and I am going to put in the work and try and get to that special place when it starts to flow.

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