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  1. I see a couple of companies out there that sell DYI kits. Though most reviews say you don't save money by building a guitar from a kit, I'd like to have the experience of building my own. I love working with wood. I thought I'd start out with a solid body electric first--seems easier. Can anyone recommend a company with quality materials at a reasonable price? Many thanks, Kathy
  2. Wow, I just heard Tyler Grant play a Collings--beautiful. Is that you with Phil Keaggy? I love Phil and his guitar playing. I found a good luthier close by, but no Taylor dealer. I was thinking about a Fishman soundbox for an amp?
  3. Hey, I really like the lay-out of this new forum. I have a Taylor 612 Acoustic guitar. I love it. However, as a relatively new player (still struggling with barre chords) I was wondering if I would find more fun and flexibility in my playing if I added a pick-up. I'm a bit concerned I might ruin a perfectly good guitar. Any thoughts out there? If yes, any recommendations on what kind of pick-up? Thank you.

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