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  1. Tom, Welcome to the group! Steve has provided countless hours of instruction over the years archived in the Guitar Gathering YouTube site. I'm sure you will find plenty to keep you busy! We look forward to having you join the Live Lessons on Tuesday evenings and hopefully in person at a future Guitar Gathering event!
  2. Hmmm....maybe a field trip while we are there for the Guitar Gathering next week?
  3. Thanks for posting this Diane. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  4. I’ve been wanting a PRS McCarty for a while now and my local shop got this one in the other day. I decided to trade a PRS SE Custom 24 that I never really warmed up to. So with a wave of the magic credit card, this one came home with me.
  5. Nairon, I realize you may have your hands full with the LMG series right now, but if you haven't already done so, and when you have some time, you might also want to listen to the Live Lessons that Steve did a while back on "How Music Works". This is a great series on the GG Youtube Channel that helps to explain some of the basics of music theory and why things work the way they do.
  6. Living close to Memphis my entire life, I can't help but lean toward "Green Onions" by Booker T and the MG's.
  7. Any "Greatest" list is bound to generate some energetic discussion. Just look at the fallout from Rolling Stone's list of 200 Greatest Singers. I came away from the article with 3 observations. First - it's great to see any recognition of studio musicians. We've all heard their music but most of the time never knew their names. Secondly - Other than Chet Atkins, Nashville studio musicians were woefully under-represented (Where was Brent Mason?) And finally - someone needs to tell them how to spell "Campbell".
  8. I hit one of those major milestone birthdays a couple of weeks before Christmas, so I suppose this can be considered a combination Birthday/Christmas gift to myself. I happened upon a very lightly used PRS Silver Sky SE in my local music store - it still had the hang tags and not a scratch on it. Since they appear to be constantly on backorder on Sweetwater, I snapped it up (with my wife's encouragement and approval). When I first met Steve, I asked him what guitar he would recommend for a first electric. His response was immediate - get a Strat. Well, several guitars later, I finally took his advice!
  9. Same here - I have a couple of pounds on the way. Always happy to help Greg who has done so much for this group over the years. And I was very impressed that after I placed my order, I got a phone call from the Acoustic Coffee folks to follow up and thank me for my order. A nice touch.
  10. Diane, thank you so much for capturing a few moments from this weekend. This was my first Fingerstyle retreat but I certainly hope it won't be my last. My only advice to anyone considering attending for the first time, but you are afraid your Fingerstyle chops aren't up to snuff - come on anyway! There is something to be gained for players of every skill level. And the opportunity to learn from some of the best artists in the business can't be measured! Sitting 5 feet away from Richard Smith during his rendition of "Stars and Stripes Forever" - I was expecting fireworks!
  11. Hi Gene - So far so good. I'm not trying to replicate my entire paper library onto the IPad, but as I pick up a new song and want to add it to my repertoire, I scan it into Forscore. The AirTurn works seamlessly, but as Doug points out, if you have to return more than 1 page it takes some getting used to. I doubt I will ever replace all of the paper, but maybe I can save a few trees.
  12. Thanks Jim, I had been looking for one with a 2022 prefix and overlooked this page. Dom, hate you guys aren't going to be able to make it, but I enjoyed meeting and playing with you in June. And yes, those travel cases you guys have are bullet-proof!
  13. Jim (@Jasn), I have also registered for the upcoming Fingerstyle retreat. I'm not a rookie when it comes to Guitar Gathering conferences - I've been to 3 now. But this will be my first Fingerstyle retreat. When I first got back into playing guitar a few years ago and started going through the L&M courses, I didn't feel I was ready for a dedicated fingerstyle retreat. As my skills began to grow - so did the Covid virus and my plans for the 2020 and 21 retreats were sidelined. Looking forward to this year. I'm relatively local (I live just a couple of hours away from Nashville) so I won't be flying in. But as time approaches let's see how many need a ride from the airport. I might be able to offer my taxi services (depending on how many guitars everyone brings lol). I expect Steve will be creating a facebook group for those attending - that may be the best for all to connect. Gary
  14. Thank you for sharing this Diane. This world definitely needs more music!

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