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    Here is my first go at a song using percussive techniques "Edelweiss".
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    For this month I chose another song from the L&M Fingerstyle course. This one is from session 6 and it is one of my favorite tunes from the course. Steve has put several techniques in his arrangement: hammer-ons and pull-offs, harmonics, slides, 6ths,10ths, octaves and pedal notes. To make it even more fun, the tuning is drop D. This is the first song I recorded using my new Focusrite Scarlett Studio Bundle and Reaper as my DAW. Wim.
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    My wife, Tammy, and I are using the course. I can say in all honesty that we're very pleased with our results.
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    Another old guy who decided to finally learn to play guitar. A few months lessons as a kid, a few months in my 30's, got up to lesson 6 on L&M in my 40's, and now have used pandemic time to forget the world and play guitar. I bought the course a long time ago when I had trouble finding an instructor for an adult beginner. Now I realize that while doing a course at your own pace risks stalling, it also prevents frustration with meeting deadlines. This time around the first 6 lessons went real fast, lesson 7 is new territory for me so the fun begins.

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