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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY OCTOBER 22ND - LIFELONG MUSIC LEARNING WITH DAVE ISAACS. One of Nashville's most prolific and celebrated music teachers, Dave Isaacs is known to the music community as the "Guitar Guru of Music Row". His insights on learning music are fascinating and endlessly helpful. TUESDAY OCTOBER 29TH - TIPS FOR STRUMMING LIKE A PRO. Strumming is a guitarists paintbrush causing pulsating excitement or relaxed motion. We'll be showing some strumming tips to take your playing to the next level. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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    As I was finishing up session 4 last month, I went ahead and treated myself to my first electric guitar and amp. It was more of a combined finish session 4/30th birthday/promotion gift from me, my family, and fiance, but after a month on backorder it finally came in today. Pretty excited about it and can't wait until I get to the later sessions and start learning some blues. I also got a Yamaha THR10C to go along with it so I have the option of some late night practice with the electric. Might use some of my Musicians friends points I earned on this purchase to buy a blackface type amp later this year once I make some more progress in the course.
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    THIS is how you learn the PENTATONICS A different practice method.
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    Thank you for doing this @guitarben. Wow, I get to choose again!😎 I would like to hear songs about love and relationships. This can be any type of love or relationship/partnership.
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    Paul's great, I strongly recommend his channel to those who don't know him yet. He recently recently released his own course, I would check it out if I didn't already have enough on my music stand.
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    Sorry about the delay, I wanted to see if @UncleHammy would take back his thread, then I had no power for a couple of days. I used the Random thing picker and it selected @Nutty 1 to choose April's theme! Please let me know the new theme and I'll create the new thread. Thanks again to all who contributed, listened and commented!
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    Great double purchase! I love your new PRS, she is beautiful. I have a Yamaha THR amp myself and I would never part with it. I love the fact that you can get great effects even at low volumes or with earphones.👍
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    Congratulations @S Bach! Gorgeous guitar and you are going to play some great blues with that axe. I am reading this after watching a presentation by Paul Read Smith at Chicago Music Exchange. It was very interesting.
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    Congrats! That should inspire you keep on climbing!
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    Anybody planning any in the upcoming months? Good weather just around the bend (I hope). My trio opens for another band this Saturday as a small pub in Portland with a 40 minute set, but in May my quartet gets 2 1/2 hours on one or two Sundays for rehearsals-practice/play- at another truckstop bar as well. Any plans for others on the forum? Greg
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    I am pretty pumped about it, I was pretty set on one of the American Fender Strats, but at the end of the day, the silver sky had a lot of tangible and intangible things I couldn't pass up. Loved the sound and the dedication put into making it sound like the vintage strats, hearing JM songs probably inspires me to most to pick up and play guitar whatever I am doing so he's a big influence on my learning path, and it just feels right. I also live in Maryland and went to the same college as PRS, so having that connection and supporting the MD business as appealing too.
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    Congrats- Great looking and sounding guitar. I have a little GAS for a PRS myself. Trying to hold off because I obviously don't need one! Enjoy and have fun with this one!
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    Very nice - cool color!
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    Congratulations!!! I really like that color. Ben
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    Yes, this is very interesting since I tend to also fail to "hear" the metronome. I know that just about everyone in music recommends using a metronome but I seem to find it a difficult device to be continually fighting with. The idea of feeling a pulse on my fretting wrist may just work. Nutty 1, I would be interested in your review. Henk
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    Congratulations S Bach, that is a very, very nice guitar. I am a big PRS fan with an SE Santana. You will absolutely love the sounds that this axe will make with various types of music, plus they feel great to play. Enjoy!! Henk
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    <Sherlock Holmes's curious voice> "Interesting, most interesting."
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    We've got a 1-hour set on Sunday at a biker bar! Doing a bunch of AC/DC and ZZ Top (which is why our name is AZ/DZ)!
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    That is quite cool! Please let us know how it works for you.
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    You will. It just takes time and practice. Lots of both. Keep us up to date on your process.
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    This is the intro jam to my MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay video on YouTube. I recorded the backing track myself. It's a basic I-IV-V blues in E. Enjoy!

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