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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY AUGUST 6TH - USING CHORD TONES AS SEEDS FOR SOLOING. Improvising can be intimidating - but here's a simple trick you can use to spark soloing ideas. By using the chord tones, you can create simple "seed" ideas that can be expandaded into much larger musical ideas. TUESDAY AUGUST 20TH - BEING A SINGER/SONGWRITER WITH ROB HARRIS. Ever dreamed of playing your own songs at a songwriters night? or perhaps playing guitar at a local restaurant? Rob Harris is a master of this and he will be dropping by to talk about crafting your own songs and building gigs. SPECIAL EVENT: MONDAY AUGUST 26TH - THE BOUTIQUE GUITAR SHOWCASE. These are some of the rarest and fascinating instruments in the world. We'll be showing these amazing instruments live from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville Tennessee. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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    Good morning, To go along with last night's show; here's a recent review in AG on a cradle style capo. People mentioned the Elliot (sp) brand which comes at a hefty price tag, but this one looks to compete with the G7 dollar range. I use a Shubb because it's footprint was smaller than Kyser and it was cheaper than the G7. ? I have seen this type of capo used by fingerstyle artists with a strong emphasis on jazz. I have since learned that great bluegrass pickers have supported this style over the years. Can anyone comment on its pros and cons? Bryan P.S. Bonus discussion of zero glide nut comes along for the ride AG311.pdf
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    @Dave White I think they are machined stainless steel (customization available) in several finishes. There was talk of a satin finish to go with the polished one(s). I recall the plastic/rubber piece can be replaced if necessary. I have seen where Eric Skye uses the Elliot as well. One reviewer noted, should last a lifetime...if you don't lose it. I've never handled one, so thanks for your comments regarding weight. I too, have limited experience with a capo, but needed one while learning "John Barleycorn" with a local instructor. Steve Winwood did a YouTube video of it (and one of "Can't Find My Way Home") on an acoustic in front of a "crackling" fire. Really nice on the ears. Thanks, Bryan
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    I don't know anything about the D'Addario capo, but have seen a couple versions of the Elliot and know a number of players who use them. (Pete Huttlinger was a big fan of Elliot capos.) The Elliot, while pricey, is a work of art - I believe they are hand made. The ones I have seen have a very simple mechanism. The only part that looks like it would wear out is the plastic/rubber piece that comes in contact with the frets. They are incredibly light as well. Shubb makes a similar model, but it is a bit heavier than the Elliot. I don't use a capo much (maybe I will after this live lesson). I tried a G7 and it was too heavy and cumbersome for me.
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    I'm not sure who it was. Maybe it was in some movie? But he said (something to the effect) "If it's the truth it's not boast". I'm coming to the realization that I struggle more with rhythm and strumming than anything. I'm working a "Licks" course and S14 bending and hammers ons and pull offs, etc., and moving right along. But I can't remember a strumming pattern to save my life. That I need to work some more "ancillary" rhythm courses is becoming increasingly obvious.
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    Just starting this, looks to be a lot of fun

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